Here, you can get a bunch of valuable resources that can help you in your work. Some of them are paid, but most of them are free. If you wish to recommend your favorite resource, please contact us - thank you!

International GAAP 2024 by E&Y

This book, written by the team of IFRS experts in Ernst&Young, is the ultimate IFRS guide you need. Well, it has more than 5 800 pages, so the level of detail is great.

However, this book is not really suitable for beginners or slightly advanced professionals, because the language used is not the easiest one. But, once you learn and get orientation, this book is a treasure. I used to buy the new version every year, but now - it is completely free in the electronic version.

We have no financial reward from recommending this book. We simply love it.

Prof. Damodaran Online

Professor Aswath Damodaran teaches the corporate finance and valuation at the Stern School of Business at New York University. He has published his content online for more than two decades (20 years).

Visit his website to find inputs to valuations of shares and other instruments, excel spreadsheets, models, training on valuations, corporate finance, statistics, even accounting and many more. Everything is free.

We have no financial reward from recommending this website. We simply love it.

i9 Partners

i9 Partners provide an all-in one ECL measurement solution – from calculation to insights. They are a global partner of Moody’s Analytics and the gold standard in Expected Credit Loss measurements.

They offer FREE assessment of your financial assets that may require ECL calculations and their impact on your financial statements. If you decide to go for their full services, please contact us to get a special bonus.

We have no financial reward from recommending this website. We simply love it.


Modern Excel has the potential to boost your productivity at work, you just have to learn how to use it. Excel is not just about the formulas - it is also about processing big volumes of data and creating meaningful outputs.

Check out the courses created by Leila Gharani. Great teaching style, clear simple English, learning step by step. Strongly recommended.

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Annual reports, appealing presentations, posts for social media (IG reels, FB posts and many more), brochures, leaflets, posters, banners, logos. Anything you can imagine with a few clicks and believe me, your work gets an instant upgrade!

I have started to use Canva for all my graphic designs and I am impressed. Canva comes in a free version with basic features; paid version offers much more (and is very affordable).

We have no financial reward from recommending this resource. We simply love it.