My dear readers, subscribers, followers, and friends,

I am very excited to announce that

IFRSbox has been rebranding to CPDbox.

As you can see, our URL has already changed to, and our logo has also changed.

More changes will follow shortly to make a transition smoothly.

Why CPDbox?

Because I want this site to serve all Clever, Professional and Driven people – YOU!

That’s what CPD stands for in my mind (besides the obvious meaning).

And, I love the word “box” because it creates continuity with IFRSbox.

So why are we doing that?

The truth is that I am strongly focused on sharing accounting knowledge with you. In response, I received many emails, messages, comments, and other forms of interaction from you, my readers, and subscribers.

Your feedback has always mattered – it made me move on because I saw that my work helped and made sense. I am immensely grateful to YOU.

Based on that feedback, it is apparent that YOU, my readers, are eager to learn and develop your skills in other areas, too – valuations, audit, credit risk modeling, budgeting, forecasting – just to name a few.

So, I decided to upgrade.

I decided to listen to all of you and make even greater content for you – not just on international accounting, but also on closely related topics.

However, let me reassure you:

International financial reporting will still be my primary focus.

What can you expect?

Here are just a few ways of how I wish to move the things further:

  • I will try to engage more with you and produce more free videos for you in which I might answer your questions or tackle specific topics;
  • I will be inviting experts to write articles and courses for you in different topics;
  • In cooperation with our partners, we will offer live online courses and webinars dedicated to many useful topics, like US GAAP, internal auditing, etc. (hint: ACCA crash courses, too!)
  • I will also try to gather good free resources for you provided by other people. So if I find something that might be interesting for you, I will upload it to “Free resources” section. LINK


What happens to the IFRS Kit and its subscribers?

It stays here for you.

If you are an existing subscriber, nothing will change – just certificates of completion will show CPDbox instead of IFRSbox.

However, lessons, quizzes, and materials remain there as before. We will be updating our videos to reflect the new change.

What happens to the free emails I am sending out?

We will send out the emails from the new email address, so if you don’t want to miss out on any update, please make sure you add my email address to the list of approved senders.

Otherwise, my emails may end up in your spam folder or won’t be delivered at all.

How to do that depends on the email provider you use.

Here are the instructions for a few biggest free email providers:

If you are using your company email address provided by your employer, please check with your IT admin.

And, if you have not subscribed to our newsletter yet, please do so. I send out emails with useful articles enhancing your knowledge, tips for your education, and some updates that I share solely with my subscribers.

You can do so by filling in your email address in the sign-up form below this article.


The big THANK YOU for supporting my work – reading my articles, commenting, sharing them with your friends or via social networks, and subscribing to my courses.

I have no further words to describe how grateful I am. would not be here without YOU.

With all my appreciation and care,


6 October 2020